Since January 2008, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is co-shareholding in Pestova.





Pestova is the exclusive representative of the Dutch company "Agrico" for the production of seed potatos for the Kosovo market. In 2011 Pestova deepens cooperation with Agrico Company, and jointly establish new company AgricoKosova, with the aim of producing seed potato in Kosovo. AgricoKosova, is producing several varieties of seed potato for consumption and processing and this produced seed is dedicated to the local and regional market. For more information visit the website:



European Commission support to Pestova started in 2001. Initially, soft loans for importation of seed potato, purchasing of farm machinery for farmers, technical assistance in potato production. Loans to begun with processing potato chips and potato processing technical assistance.

Financial assistance for modernization of warehouses for long-term storage of potato, equipment for filling and emptying potato warehouses

Financial assistance for modernization of chips its packaging and marketing.




USAID support began since 2003.

Technical assistance in potato production, storage, processing and staff training for products’ standardization and marketing including market research for export.

Financial assistance for long term potato storage 'box palettes'






The support of the Kingdom of Netherlands began in 2008.

Initially as technical assistance in modern methods of fertilization with potato foliar fertilizers

Donation for the development of potato seed production project in Kosovo in the program of Private Sector Investment (PSI)

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